It had been a while since I got all hands-on crafty so I jumped at the chance to join my housemate on a trip to the art supply store. We returned laden with canvas and painting supplies, eager to make stuff.

This piece is a paper collage entitled Ask: Blue.  I’d been feeling a bit of creative retraction from the effects of the last month or so but I feel more settled now, which makes me feel like I’m in a place that will allow creativity to flow. It was so nice to finally get something “down on paper” as it were.

Framed Paper Collage, 2014

Ask: Blue Framed Paper Collage, 2014

What’s really cool about the piece is that I find it just as interesting upside down as it is right side up. Right now I’ve got it hanging over my bed, and despite the occasional twinge of fear that the frame will fall off the hook and smash me in the face, (half legitimate fear, half “I watch too much TV”), I enjoy seeing things from a different angle.

I’ve also started this piece which will be mixed media (paper & oil) on canvas. Not sure where it’s going yet but that’s part of the fun!

Still sticking with this "Blue" theme...

Still sticking with this “Blue” theme…

Stay Random!


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