I’m all for the use of proper grammar. And I’m equally all for the use of slang, ebonics, made-up words, hyperbole, acronyms (when typed, not said out loud), or any fun and funky use of the english language. Thank you Shakespeare, Seuss, and Carroll. I’m even (somewhat) understanding of typos and being at the mercy of our friend autocorrect.

You know what I meme.

You know what I meme.

However there’s a time and place people, a time and place.

And to illustrate this point most awesomely is a blast from the parodical past is Al Yankovic. This video is pretty much the best thing to happen to grammar since man discovered the inappropriateness of his dangling participle. How embarrassing!

So for everyone that struggles to stifle a scream every time their faced w to much bad grammr*, this one’s for you.

Go forth and learn y’all some good wordings.

*exhibit A.



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