Face palm.

Face palm.

In general I’m averse to running errands. Firstly, it means I have to leave the house. Then, I have to go places and do stuff. Mostly it involves going to places that aren’t anywhere near each other and spending money on things that

I genuinely need (groceries)

and things I think I need (that sweet jumper).

I love the term jumper. Or “jump-ah”. Sweet British-isms.

Eventually I return home heavy laden with packages and exhaustion. And when I go to put everything away, lovingly folding it into my home, it looks like I hardly purchased anything at all. Must be the laws of physics or space or something. Everything seems smaller when it’s not surrounded by the pomp and circumstance of the supermarket (or the mall).

And travel in London takes forever. From my SW postcode to Central I have to take a combination of bus-bus, bus-bus-tube, bus-tube-tube, bus-train-tube, etc. And that’s just one way. It’s enough to make one become (remain?) a hermit.

Thank goodness for online shopping.

Stay Random!


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