Secret ingredient to an epic grilled cheese.

Was away from the blog for a bit. Been in a bit of a funk. Not the good 70s vibe-Parliment-disco funk, but a crippling anxiety laden funk that turned my home into a hermitage. There were days when I never left the house except to go get more resources. Like bread. Or cheese. Frozen in this funk I proceeded to do a whole lot of everything but the things I needed to be doing. I couldn’t even be bothered to blog my way through it. My time was mostly spent bingeing on Game of Thrones, playing World of Warcraft, and making amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. They were epic. Camembert and cheddar, roasted garlic and tons of butter. Heaven.

The funk is like looking at the things you used to be so passionate about through the murky glasses of apathetic disinterest. Just can’t be bothered. But I can feel the funk dissipating and the murk clearing.

The anxiety is a lier and the depression is a bitch. They sit there like petulant children demanding attention and sweets. You give them what they want until you have nothing left to give. And then they return to the place where they lurk, waiting for the next funk to arrive.

Sometimes you just gotta give up that funk. It’s okay to wallow or feel bleh about life as long as you know it’s just a time in your life that will pass. Sometimes it goes of it’s own free will, and sometimes the smallest, most random thing will kickstart your engine. Slowly and surely you find your happier, centred self returning.

It’s good to be back.

Stay Random!


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