So, you know in horror movies when the characters, or what’s left of them, survive a few killings and not-so-believable scares and the one character – who doesn’t know that he/she is in a horror movie – says, “Well, let’s go check out that noise in the woods/basement/dark alley/closet. What’s the worse that could happen?” And then we, and they, proceed to find out what the worse thing that could happen is. Because they jinxed it. And they’re in a horror movie and didn’t know it.

London, 2013

Always know what kind of movie you’re in.

Thing is, sometimes I feel like I’m in a horror movie. Except it’s more like a non-horror horror movie. Where the things I fear or think are super scary (like change or what people think of me) aren’t as big/important/frightening as I’ve made them out to be. Ever seen Abandon? Where there’s all this lead up and moments of “suspense” and absolutely nothing happens? Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

I know what kind of movie I’m living in. It’s a latent coming-of-age story with a plucky hero that feels like you’ve seen it before but has enough interesting plot twists to keep you rooting until the very end. Two thumbs up.

know that things aren’t as bad as they seem. I know that I’m fine and should really enjoy the journey and the good things that are happening in my life. I know that I should trust myself and my instincts because they’re usually spot on.

But, J’ai peur du jour où je n’aurai plus peur. What will I do when I don’t spend a day worrying about something? What will my life be like if I allow myself to live fully, joyously in the moment? The day in which I have no fear?

Really, what’s the worse that could happen?

Stay Random!



  1. I’ve just left a comment in Croila post about fear. Now I see your post about it too. Yes, we are always worried about something, never secure to make important decisions, always thinking about the consequences. Some people more, others less. It’s part of our nature, a kind of protection device, sometimes good and sometimes bad. We need to control it a little to have less stress and enjoy more the moments.

  2. I think you should purposely go a whole day quelling every single worrying thought you have. To make it easier, tell yourself “I’ll worry about that tomorrow, but today I’m going to ignore it”. And just see how your day feels 🙂

  3. About your worries that some day there will be nothing to worry about… Do not fear, that day will never come! My humble experience is that, though I still worry, I no longer get carried away by them. It is like being able to take a little step back and watch them from a distance (or would that be the effect of the anti-depressives I have been taking for a while, now?)

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