So… I’m conflicted.

I get a message in my from one of my fellow bloggers. My little blog  has been nominated for the Liebster Award!

An award!?! Really? How exciting! They love me! They really love me!!!

Anywho, I’m a bit confused about the award. Which is more like a really “nice” chain letter. You know – provide all these facts (11) and answer all these questions (11) and then message this to a random number of people (11) and then all the good things will happen to you!

liebster awardAs a new blogger, it’s flattering to be noticed and it’s always nice to receive recognition for your brain thoughts. After a bit of investigation, it seems that people are a bit divided on the subject at best, or have no idea what they’re even involved in. Read another post about the award here.

Plus, I don’t even know ELEVEN other new bloggers to nominate – and it wouldn’t feel right nominating people I hardly knew. Oi! Random blogger! You’ve won an award that’s not really an award but it doesn’t matter so pass this on and feel good, okay?

So after some thought, I decided to be true to myself and do it Frank.

You know, “My Way”?

I’ve answered the questions because I LOVE making lists. I’m not, however, going to nominate anyone else. So this portion of the chain stops with me. If people want to read my blog, they’re going to have to find me the old fashioned way – through shameless plugs and word of mouth. So tell your friends!


Liebster Award Q’s
1. Why do you blog?
Hm… personal validation?

2. What is the opnion of your family and/or friends about you blogging?
Most seem pretty excited about it. Also, I’ve been told it helps them to procrastinate. So, there’s that.

3. Which way do you express your creativity?
Choreography, mixed media collage, and neology (making up words).

4. Do you have a journal? If yes, since when?
Yes, but it’s rather like a spotty dog. I prefer blogging most days, anyway.

5. Do you have plans to write a book one day?
Yes. It will be an over-dramatic retelling of the randomness that is my life and feature a minor celebrity.

6.  What is your favourite book?
Probably Pride & Prejudice. Kind of obsessed with all things Austen.

7. Which place would you like to visit?
Iceland. And Thailand. And Brazil. And…

8. Have you participated in online courses? if yes, which was your favourite?
Took some uni courses online, as well as a blogging course. Definitely the blogging course FTW. 

9. What is your favourite thing to do in a raining day?
Read, sleep, and splash in puddles.

10. Do you blog in your free time, or bloging is the priority in our day?
Well, as a student school is the priority. Although blogging is a pretty close second.

11. Which advice you would give for who is starting to blog now?
Just write. Write all the posts. Save drafts to come back to later. And don’t beat yourself up over where you think you should be – especially in relation to the mega blogstars. They’ve been at it for years. The best blog you can write is your  blog and no one else’s. 

That sorts that out, then. Well, sort of.

Stay Random!



  1. See you in Iceland!!! 😀 (No, NOT the shop, lol!)

    Do it Frank … My way … Love that! Your way with words always brightens up a day I read your posts!

  2. congrats on the recognition and I can totally relate. i did the same when i got the nod. just answered the questions to not be rude to the person who made the effort to even think of me! but this reminded me of those old facebook chain questionnaires about what color my shirt was and who was the last person I texted etc. they should actually make this a real award because it is pretty nice to give new bloggers a little kudos!

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