Warning: All the Feels Alert!


I’m not going to pretend that I know what it is like to have the Cancer. Thank the Goodness that it’s not something that runs in my family – as we know so far (knock on wood). We’re more of the heart attack, diabetes, general malaise type of family. My Uncle B, bless him, lost half a leg, a finger, and got the diabetes before he finally kicked it.

That was probably a poor choice of words…

I feel like I have higher expectations for science than I should. Every time Cancer Awareness Month rolls around the ribbons come out, the marathons begin, and the PINK is EVERYWHERE, I get a little disgruntled with science. “Shouldn’t we have cured that already? Come on, science. Whaddya doin’?”

This is probably due to an influx of too much medical TV. “They were able to cure this disease by the end of the episode! Why can’t you do that in real life? If House can do it, so can you!”

The Cancer is a really shitty, random disease. Below you will find an abridged list of things that can give you the Cancer I’ve compiled from the “expert” knowledge of the internet. Apparently you can get the Cancer from:

Tobacco, ageing, viruses, bacteria, microwaves, caffeine, your DNA, the sun, asbestos, chloroform, GMO’s, sugar, salt, pesticides, alcohol, deodorant, radiation, meat, microwave popcorn, canned foods, having breasts, having a prostate, styrofoam, plastic, hormones, your job, x-rays, having lungs, obesity, carcinogens, your cell phone, hair dye, crayons, Chinese medicine, fruit, being a woman, being a man, the internet, and general breathing.

So… yeah. On to the review.

The Fault in our Stars’ Hazel and Gus meet in a Cancer Support Group. Which sucks because its basically a place where the group leader is a nutter and the membership list is in constant rotation. But they meet and they fall in love and go on this epic adventure. To Holland. Because of a fictional book.

Green has a very lyrical way of writing that still remains completely down to earth. Though the depressing themes could overpower the book, Green sifts through the dark and lets the light shine through. You almost  – almost – think they’re going to make it. They have to! They must! But… the feels! 

Lovingly tragic. Definitely worth a re-read. Once you’ve read it the first time, of course. Rating: ★★★★

Stay Random!



  1. Oh no! They don’t make it?! “You almost – almost – think they’re going to make it.”
    I can’t cope with unhappy endings in books, shame cause this sounds really good 😦

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