A little flight reading.

It’s really great to be back in Texas, The Great State Of. It’s warm. Like consistently. I’m eating delicious foods and hanging out with my bestie and her fiancé. I’m going up to Denton in a few days to rekindle friendships and eat more tasty noms. And yet there’s a dark cloud hovering near the edges of my vacation.

The research paper.

Four thousand words exploring the implications and effects of gender and traditional roles in Swan Lake using Matthew Bourne’s version as reference. Due 29 April. It’s an interesting topic but I find that concentrating on something that isn’t directly in the vein of creativity – dancing, choreography, counting to eight – then I find the mental blocks locking quickly into place.

Not being a strictly academic writer – I’d prefer to spin luxurious prose or wax poetic on the merits of toast – I find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time on this research paper. I can only seem to focus for very short periods of time and then I have to go do something, anything, else. Then I drag myself back to the computer and give another half-hearted attempt to study. Sometimes I think it’d be easier to be one of those people who can simply buckle down and get things done even if they don’t like or enjoy what they have to do. That would be the responsible, mature, adult thing to do.

But I don’t wanna! I just want to be nourished by waves of creativity instead of the mind-numbing research that threatens to make me fall asleep or sends me running for the nearest book. Or the Pinterest. Oh, that my whole life will one day be filled with passion and artists and that my brain will be forever stimulated. Until then, I’ll just keep plugging away at this paper.

After I finish this blog post, of course.

Stay Random!



  1. This so reminds me of my student days… There were no computers then, we did not even have a telephone connection. So what we did was write letters during exam and thesis times. Every day. And if we got a letter back, it had to be answered Immediately. Nothing was more important than writing that letter and getting it to the post box the same day. The thesis/exam was always at the bottom of our priority list (and always nagging at our conscience at the same time), until we really could not find anything else to do. Perhaps your best work will be done in those condensed periods of time that you force yourself to sit with the damn thesis. Keep going!

  2. Oooh, due 29 April … Did you manage? 😉

    And I used to write letters sometimes during study times. Or read fiction books sneaked into my academic folders. How I ever got a degree I have no idea :-/

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