Been absolutely brainswamped for the past two (or so) weeks. The Thesis is taking up so much of my waking (and) sleeping hours that I’ve had to put everything else on the back burner for a bit. It’s odd, because I feel really good about the whole thing – especially now that I’d changed my process and course – and things are progressing nicely. But, as it usually goes with the anxiety, I’m feeling anxious because I’m not feeling anxious. Like my life isn’t stressful enough and I have to add my anxiety back in. It makes me wonder if I’m not really happy? Because if I were truly happy/satisfied/content/whathaveyou with my life I wouldn’t feel the empty space and try to fill it with anxiety ridden thoughts? Le sigh.

Not wanting to leave the post on a downer so here’s a picture of my kitty!


Leeloo getting a bit of sun.

Stay Random!


3 thoughts on “UP FOR AIR

  1. When stressed, anxious – or being anxious about not being anxious -, or generally unhappy, do what kitty does for a while… find a sunny spot, lie down in it, and then: belly up, paws in the air, forget the world and Enjoy!

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