You know how some people have these little habits that get you down? Like Flatmate. Flatmate likes to whistle. No, not whistle. Tunelessly blow air for hours. So I come down from my room tonight, irritated at the slowness that is the internet, and I’m looking for a little peace and quiet. And there’s Flatmate, all up in the kitchen, making his dinner, and whistling’. No, not whistlin’.


So I said (in my mind), “If you tunelessly blow air through your mouth one more time…”

And he did.

So I stuffed my irritation down into the deep place I like to call Not-Worth-The-Confrontation-Land and did nothing.

– Liz, Chicago (Adapted)

Stay Random!


7 thoughts on “THE WHISTLER

  1. Haha! That is another kind of bravery! But what happened next – to your irritation. Did it go away all by itself? Or did you eat a whole box of biscuits? Punched a hole in the wall?

    And what would happen if you joined him? Whistle too, or sing along at the top of your voice?

    ‘After all, if you live among wolves, you have to learn to howl like them’ – these are not my words, but part of a song text I heard somewhere in the eighties. They came up from the back of my mind, as I was writing this…

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