Back in the blogosphere after a two week hiatus. I actually didn’t realise it had been so long until I consulted one of those nifty calendar thingys. And yep, it has been almost a fortnight since I last graced this space with my words. I’d meant to get back sooner but I was busy running around like a headless chicken and by the time I got things in order time just slipped away. 

Not a chicken with it's head cut off but close enough.

Not a headless chicken but close enough. Plus, TOAST!

But things are looking up. Finally said f*ck it, stopped beating my thesis like a dead horse, and revamped the concept. Actually started eating whole meals instead of just toast. And y’all know how much I love my toast. Even swallowed my pride and headed to the doc to ask for help and medication for my anxiety. I hate being on drugs but sometimes it’s really okay to ask for help. Especially if you’re like me and hold out to the bitter end because you think you can handle your life all by yourself. No man is an island and whatnot.

I notice a little skip in my step and I actually look up at the world around me as I walk down the street instead of staring at the ground. Still have to look down occasionally as some people in my neighbourhood think the sidewalk is their dog’s personal sh*thole. Seriously bad dog-people etiquette.

And because of all these things, I’m feeling… dare I say it… happy? It might be just the pills talking but my outlook on life is so much better. I’m able to focus more and actually sleep. It’s such a good feeling to wake up every day feeling less anxious, stressed, or emotionally strung out.

So glad to be back in more ways than one!

Stay Random!



  1. Sometimes our bodies just need some help to function better… so glad the pills seem to be working – anxiety and lack of sleep can debilitate!!
    Onward and upward, my dear, and we’re here to cheer you on 🙂 x

  2. Ahhh that’s great that you’ve got a skip back in your step! Whether it be pills or not, the main thing is, things are looking up. And that is just GREAT. Look after yourself, and as Claire says, we are indeed here to cheer you on! I love your posts. They’re either uplifting or thought provoking, or both. Keep going! (Please?!)

  3. You know…I once heard of a chicken that lost it’s head and lived for a while…:)

    I’m glad you found something that helps you. Good for you for asking for help. You’re quite an accomplished and independent lady, that knows how to ask for help when you need it. This is a good thing. 🙂

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