BubbleWhen I grow up I will be happy with my life instead of picking apart every little thing. I will look at things without seeing the would and could-be. I will laugh more and be more open and unafraid. When I grow up I will stop taking people’s shit and stop feeling bad because people think I should.

I will honour my thoughts and relish my body. I will treat myself with the greatest respect and never take myself too seriously except when it comes to the things I am passionate about. For these things I will be fully, totally, madly invested and will cease to allow time to be spent with idle, useless minds.

I will know what I want and I will pursue it. And if I don’t know, or change my mind, I will accept that it’s okay to be in the unknown. In fact, I might like it.

When I grow up I will not allow people to drag me down to their level and I will always encourage others to embrace their very best in passion and potential. I will practice what I preach. I will doubt less, if ever. I will experiment, enjoy, and fuck up my life over and over again.

I will be the person who is sought for fun and solace but will also know when to take respite in the things that recharge my soul and bring me joy.

And I will never say I am sorry or apologise for myself and the wonder that is my life journey.

Stay Random!


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