Creme Brulee

Crème Brûlée – a tasty metaphor for breaking your habits.

Old habits die hard, if they die at all. Mine seem to linger on like the unwanted overzealous houseguest who has used up all the hot water, eaten all the good cereal, and worn your favourite robe without permission or underwear. I’ve made great strides in life but they refuse to budge. Or perhaps it is that I have yet to truly want to let them go. That on some level (insert psycho-analysis here) I fear the change that comes from letting go and being free from my shackles. Even when I know that there are good, sweet, delicious life-things that could happen by releasing my habits into the wild – go! be free! – I hesitate to break away. But change is slow; sometimes it feels as if I’ve spent my whole life changing to be instead of being. I just have to keep telling myself, reminding myself that the delicious life things will not come if I’m still hosting my habits. I’ve just got to pick up that spoon!

Stay Random!


One thought on “BREAK THE CYCLE

  1. “Hosting my habits” … What a brilliant way of putting it! You’re absolutely right, of course, In every single thing you say. Change is scary, and the more you need it, the scarier it is. Personally, right now? I’m petrified.

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