I figured it was about time to make my bucket list. This bucket list ranges from the very feasible to the highly unlikely. I’ll definitely be adding to the list as I go – and hopefully crossing off the list as well! So far I’ve got seventeen things to do before I kick the bucket!

Hamburg in June, 2013

1. Visit Iceland, Australia, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Chile, and Egypt.
2. Swim with stingrays.
3. Sample fugu. Survive.
4. Skydive. Solo. Survive this also.
5. Attend cooking lessons. Become a master amateur chef.
6. Host a fancy vintage-themed party in a swanky locale.
7. Drive on the left side of the road. In a roundabout. Survive.
8. Be able to speak fluently in (at least) five languages. As of now I’ve conquered English, am somewhat conversational in French, can count to ten and recognise various kana in Japanese, and have various random sentences from Dutch, German, and Spanish.
9. Read the entire works of Shakespeare. Including the sonnets.
10. Complete my list of Books I’ve Read. I’m estimating at least 1,500.
11. Have a house that has room for a library.
12. Attend a masked ball.
13. Finish knitting my blanket.
14. Become a published (paid) author.
15. Ride an elephant in India.
16. Visit a jungle or rainforest.
17. Learn how to make fondu, mac and cheese, and other cheesy goodness without having the cheese clump disastrously or harden. I’ve even followed recipes and they’ve all ended up the same way.

Here’s to the bucket list!

Stay Random!


7 thoughts on “THE 17 ITEM BUCKET LIST

  1. PMSL! You don’t drive IN a roundabout … You drive ROUND a roundabout. Mind you. If you have trouble going round it the correct way, driving IN the darn thing might be safer heheh! 😉

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