They say the first step to fixing your problem is admiting you have a problem in the first place. I just want to come right out and say that NO, I do not have a book addiction and I can QUIT ANYTIME I WANT thank you very much.


Yes. I do. I totally do.

It started with pulling a Matilda and reading (almost) every book in my local library. Then, the copies started filling my shelves. My bookshelves fairly overflow with copies of the written word; classics, jammed cheek by jowl with philosophy; teen fiction nestles snugly with biographies. I’ve books that have been passed on from family and friends as well as newer editions. There’s just something amazingly visceral and  comforting about books. Especially brand new books.

I’ll admit it. I’m also a book snob. Only vintage, nostalgic books for me. I’ll still read used books – don’t get me wrong – but after too many overdue fines from wanting to keep books to read over and over and over… and the fact that I simply can’t be bothered to remember deadlines… I’ve tried to stick to purchased tomes. And a BRAND NEW BOOK? Sigh. I love the smell of a new book; cracking the covers open and riffling the pages past my nose, inhaling that dead tree-parchment-ink smell that brings so many stories to life. I love being the first one to read a book. It’s true that there’s something wonderful about having a book that’s been passed down – I’ve an old copy of Atlas Shrugged that was passed down from my mum – but that’s specified nostalgia.

I’ve had to stop going into big, corporate bookstores  because their bright, elegant displays get me all confuzzled and I get sucked into the Buy One, Get One of it all and come out with ten new books. 

Me: But I only paid for FIVE!

I’ve resorted to scrounging in charity shops for used books like a junkie looking for the next fix down some alley. They say you can go “e-book”; cut the cravings with a digital library. It’s almost like the real thing they say. Lies. It’s nothing like the real thing. And though I do have several e-tomes for traveling purposes, there’s nothing like holding that book in your hands.

Now I  just need to find more shelf space.

Stay Random!



  1. My name is Claire and I’m a Book addict too 🙂
    And a book snob – I only buy hardbacks nowadays (Persephone Books being the exception), and I REFUSE to buy a Kindle!
    And I’ve developed a penchant for small independent publishers – who wants to read a mass-produced paperback, when you can hold a beautiful produced hardback from Vala or Ivy Press??
    A great post 🙂

  2. Did anyone tell you about the insulating qualities of books? Having all walls covered with bookcases filled to the brim will mean HUGE savings on your heating bills – which you can then use to… buy More Books!

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