Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and I came across this little gem: Morning frwnds wat r u NY resolutions? Alright. Two days into the new year and I’ve already changed my mind. I am going to make a New Year’s Resolution. Just one. 

I will (attempt), and can in no way guarantee success in this endeavour, but I will (attempt) to not be annoyed and silently correct the grammar of people online.

Let it be known that I’m not such a grammar nazi that I will troll posts in search of righteous grammatical vindication. That only from behind the safety of my eyelids do my eyes roll in frustration. Now I’m not going to pretend I’m a syntax saint whose spelling rivals that of the stuff of myth or who never drops an occasional lol or btw into the mix or makes up words.*

What I don’t understand is the constant need for infantilism and wilful misspelling of language. Have we been so over-Biebered that we cannot even put together proper sentences? It’s not like Facebook has  a character restriction. Facebook allows you to freely express yourself in as many words as possible. And I’ve a few friends who frequently take full advantage of this to rant, rage, delight, and wax long into the night on their soapboxes.  Facebook even allows you to edit your posts – no more excuses about autocorrect. Srsly? Get it together people. 

So in conclusion, I will (attempt to) let go of the rage within me every time someone misuses their keyboard unless its in an ironic, snarky, or otherwise humorous manner. I will not silently seethe behind the backs of my eyelids when the their/they’re/there kerfuffle rears its ugly head. I will not dream of smacking them upside the head with a hard copy of any book within reach. One, because violence is not the answer and two, because I realise that no amount of literary smack down is going to keep this from happening.

This is happening.

*Apparently acronymical is not a word. The word is acronymic. Which I think just sounds silly.

P.S. For those who would jump on the chance to take down a grammar rant, I double-checked my spelling and grammar. Twice. So that’s four times. If I missed something blame spellcheck.

Stay Random!


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