Goodbye 2013

A List of Happenings in 2013

Started a blog!
Took a week-long Countertechnique workshop in Amsterdam.
Performed in Hamburg, Germany with dance company Tanz Orchester Suse Tietjen in Heroes.
Completed the first year of my MFA Choreography.
Took in all things fringe at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Was a volunteer for Dance Umbrella Festival.
Hosted an epic Fourth of July Party. We had a cookout on a dinky grill and enjoyed a US artist themed mix ranging from Lynard Skynard and the Ramones to Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” – an instant favourite.
Let the sun kiss my skin on the beaches of Denmark.
Moved from a tiny room to an even tinier one.
Read over 30+ books.
Started new friendships and let old ones go.
Made mistakes. A lot. 
Learned from (most of) them.
Embraced vulnerability.
Launched my website and subsequent social media.
Started new friendships and let ones go.
Asked to be a co-MO in my best friend’s wedding. (Accepted).
Began to understand and enjoy being an introvert.
Partied hard. Slept late.
Got the upper hand on my London-induced allergies.
Ate some amazing food – try the tapas at Boqueria, the cakes at BB’s Bakery, or the pub food at The Royal Oak. But DO NOT try anything at Marie’s Thai.
May or may not have gotten food poisoning…
Saw so many shows – often for FREE! Shobayana Jeyasingh, That Pair (hilarious), Ultima Vez, and this random band that does a fantastic cover of “No Diggity”  to name a few.
Attempted to date… and found the dating world fraught with communication blunders.
Cried. Laughed. Loved. And


Stay Random!


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