Sometimes I find it really hard to connect to other people. In fact, I’d really rather be alone than face having to be in a group. After a certain point it’s just exhausting to have to keep up the energy and conversation – even with people I know. Part of me wants to be around people. Go out, paint that town red, trip that light fantastic. You know… YOLO.

(Never said that in my life but I hear that’s what all the kids are saying today so… yeah.)


Bradley Cooper + Häagen-Dazs?

I used to feel like I was spending too much time investing in people that don’t care or understand my needs. Having really high expectations for myself, I used to get really disappointed when people turned out differently or when they didn’t communicate the way I expect them to… or in the case of some, not at all. I’ve since become more at peace with the understanding that we’re all seeking connections and it takes time to muddle through some miscommunications and social blundering before you are able to really add people into your inner circle. And that people might feel the same about me – that maybe I’m not what they expect or have trouble communicating.

Maybe we just need to get together over a pint. Grab a spoon y’all!

Stay Random!


2 thoughts on “YOLO

  1. Actually, if it’s okay, I’ll have the ice cream and you can have Bradley Cooper? Much prefer Brad Pitt myself, not that I’m unbearably fussy or anything lol! 😉

  2. I will take Bradley and the icecream! haha! Love this post. I find it hard to connect sometimes too, and always have expectations that are too high. Also, I have actually started to enjoy my own company (as you seem to as well) I love just writing on my own or enjoying a coffee in a cafe or seeing a movie by myself; it’s nice to just be comfortable in your own presence! I think when we are true and genuine, we attract genuine friendships and connections, even if it takes a few blunders and trials to get there!

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