Just under 500 words in on a 4000 word essay on The Globalisation of Hip Hop: Japan. Sounds a bit pretentious but it’s just a working title.

So it’s definitely time for a break. Academic writing is not my strongest suit. I’d rather write screenplays or novels or witty blog commentaries on current events. A friend mentioned that my blog needed a bit of Tom Daley, a very current event. That my blog was incomplete, lacking in what can only be given by Tom Daley. Mr. Daley is trending right now and I wouldn’t want to be left behind.

You're welcome Michael.

You’re welcome Michael.
Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian

That’s the thing about trending topics. You’ve got to jump on them with all the force of a calf wrangler and wrestle that beast to the ground, comment on how quickly you were able to get it tied, and tweet/retweet about a topic already covered by at least seven other people in your news feed. Good thing I had a study break to catch up on the current events.

Time to get back to my essay!

Stay Random!


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