My DELICIOUS homemade scones!

There’s a lot of stuff I’m not good at. I’m rather crap at getting anywhere on time. Always five minutes late. And I can’t crochet to save my life. Believe me. I’ve tried. Ten rows in and I’ve created something that looks like a very colourful, very angry hairball. But no matter. I’m really good at lots of other things (like making lists) so I made one.

Here’s my list (in no particular order):

Making Lists.
Making homemade bread and scones.
Bringing awkwardness to a conversation.
Knitting… In a straight line… Which means potholders… and scarves…
Word searches.
Speed reading.
Learning about stuff.
Eating pie. Eating tacos. Really just eating in general.

More to come!

Stay Random!


6 thoughts on “STUFF I’M GOOD AT

  1. Ohhhhh gosh those scones look fabulous! I’ve only made them once and they were, um, burnt. Oops.

    I’m also good at learning stuff but I’ve never tried a taco. Not sure if you can get them where I live…

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