My Dearest One,

Thank you for being here today. There were times when you thought that nobody would notice your absence from this world or would care that you were gone. There were times when you felt so out of control, as if the very fabric of your being was being ripped from your bones, leaving you exposed and gasping for life. So thank you for continuing on, for not wanting to miss the wonder that is your life. I would have missed you if you were not here.

You are not perfect, my dearest one, but you are not flawed beyond repair. The cracks and fissures of your past continue to heal as you daily embrace this wonderful life. Though you still want things to be perfect you must recognise that perfection is a lie you tell yourself as you cling to the illusion of control. Control cannot live in a fearless heart. In this life there are only situations, opportunities, and choices. Be brave my love for fear is a choice. You must choose the joy, always. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best – that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Be brave, my love, and do not consent to give in to your fear. Do not consent to be broken down by your past. When you are anxious, consent to joy. You have always taken things in your own time and this is right for you. Stop comparing your life to others for you cannot see the shortcomings and struggles that hide behind perceived or projected success. You have a great gift. You are self-aware. You have beauty and grace. You can carry conversation and liven up a room. Truly you are a remarkable being.

So please, my dearest one, get out of your own way and never look back. Prune the old from the new you; the dead branches of your cage cut and burned so that your wings may taste the joy of freedom. Take the risk, my dearest one.

Take flight.


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